About Us


DeVaré Muzik is produced by Bleunote Music in association with Mastermine Productions. The music team comprises good friends and Jamaican natives from the parish of St. Thomas, artiste DeVaré, and master keyboardist, Davin “Edd” Thomas. Bleunote Music is dedicated to authentic lovers rock, soulful one drop reggae, the sweet sounds of gospel, and the roots-rock-reggae jams – all coming from live instruments and is only available in its authentic form from our little island Jamaica. We invite you to strap in, relax, and enjoy the ride. We hope you like our sound, which is a direct reflection of our talent and efforts.

Meet DeVaré's Bleunote Music Team




Lovers Rock and Rocksteady crooner, songwriter and founder of Bleunote Music. This Gem of a singer is bound to take you back to the days when love was in the air and Rocksteady ruled the airwaves, with his unique style and powerful melodies.


Randevon “Randy” Patrick

Drummer, musical director, and chief operating officer. Randy discovered his love for music at age six when he made guitars from sardine cans, a piece of board, and fish lines. As he grew older, he learned to play the bass guitar, which he played at church. He later committed to playing the drums which he felt most comfortable with. Randy graduated from the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts in 2001. He was a drummer in C-Sharp Band and is an accomplished studio drummer who has played on many great tracks for producers in Jamaica. Along with being the resident drummer and Musical Director at Bleunote Music, Randy also reconnects with students in the classroom and teaches music at Seaforth High School.